User Guide

Active Tasks

RKStudio supports delivering ResearchKit Active Tasks to participants just as any other survey would be delivered.

Using Active Tasks

Active tasks are advanced instruments that can measure cognition, gait and balance, hearing, and more.

To set up an active task, select the active task type from the survey type drop-down on the top left of the survey editor:

The right side of the screen will display the various properties available for the active task you have selected.

Currently, live preview is unavailable for active tasks; due to the frequent use of sensor data collection, they are best experienced using the RKStudioReview app.

Active tasks are only available to be delivered on the iOS Platform.

Data Produced by Active Tasks

The active tasks produce a wide range of data. Many of the tasks that rely on sensor data do not produce a “score” but rather produce “raw” accelerometer, device motion, or pedometer data.

For specific questions, please contact rkstudiosupport@careevolution.com.