User Guide


The RKStudio Survey Editor allows visual design of ResearchKit surveys. Using the tool you can create custom surveys to deliver to participants, and set up ResearchKit Active Tasks.

Create a Survey

Start by navigating to either the home screen or the surveys screen. Enter a survey name where it says “New Survey Name” and click “Add Survey.”

You will arrive at the survey editor where you can begin creating the survey content.

Survey Type

The first thing you may see when setting up a new survey is the survey type drop-down on the top left of the editor. Most surveys that you will create will probably be “Standard Surveys,” but, in some cases, you may also want to deliver an active task.

Adding Steps (for Standard Surveys)

Surveys are simply a series of steps that are presented to the user. By default, they are presented in sequential order, but you can add branching logic to skip steps depending on the participant’s answers.

If you are creating a standard survey, begin by clicking “Add Step” to add a step to your survey. Select “Step Type” on the right to select from question steps, instruction steps, consent steps, and more.

For each question in a question or form step, RKStudio supports various answer formats.

When you make changes to the step properties on the right, you will see the changes immediately reflected in the preview view in the middle of the screen. You can also try out your survey via the RKStudioReview app to review it on a mobile device.


For each step or form item (for a form step) you create, it’s important to use a meaningful identifier. The identifier is the key by which the data for the step will be stored. For instance, if you have a question with the identifier of “SMOKING_LASTYEAR” the result of that question will be stored in a variable called SMOKING_LASTYEAR.

Versioning, Saving, and Publishing

After you have added a few steps to your survey, you can save your survey via the “Save New Version” button at the top. We encourage you to save frequently to avoid losing your work.

Survey content is versioned, so saving your survey simply saves a new version of it. You can always revert to a previous version of the survey by clicking on the version drop-down.

Before a survey can be included in a project, it must be published. You can publish a survey by clicking the “Publish This Version” button at the top, or “Save and Publish” if you would like to immediately publish your current changes.

Publishing a survey version will make it the version that is given to the participant if they begin taking the survey in the MyDataHelps app. This allows you to make changes to the survey that take effect immediately, even for participants to whom the survey has already been delivered. Note that this will have no effect on participants who have already finished taking the survey.

Before you publish a survey that will go out to participants, we recommend testing it via the RKStudioReview app, which allows you to try out all versions of your surveys.

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