User Guide

Project Settings

Project settings allow you to control how your project is displayed to participants, and how they are allowed to join it. The following is a short description of the settings; important settings are called out individually below.

General Project Settings

Setting Function Examples
Display Name The name for your project that will be shown to participants using the MyDataHelps app. “Electronic Framingham Heart Study”, “Post-Operative Pain Study”
Display Description A short description of the project. “We are excited to allow you to join the Electronic Framingham Heart Project…”
Consent Survey The consent survey that participants will go through before enrolling in the project. Only published surveys can be consent documents. eFHS Consent, MPOG Consent
Requires Identifier Validation Whether the project requires participants to enter a valid identifier before joining. Yes/No
Allow Enrollment via Project Code Whether the project allows participants to enroll with a project code or with shared device mode. Yes/No
Show in Project Search Whether the project is visible in the public search to anyone who downloads MyDataHelps. Allow Enrollment via Project Code must also be enabled. Only available to licensed organizations. Yes/No
Learn More Link A url to a public page which the participant can go to to get more information on the project. https://www.framinghamheartstudy.org/
Learn More Title The label for the “Learn More Link.” “Learn More”, “Watch a Video”
Enable for Platforms Device platforms on which users can join the project. “iOS”, “Android”, “Web”

Settings for Joining Projects

Several of the settings defined above control how participants are able to join your projects.

Public and Private Projects

Public projects are visible in the search results for anyone who downloads MyDataHelps. To make a projects public, set Show in Project Search to ‘Yes’.

Private projects are unlisted; you must be given a code or an invitation to join them. To allow participants to join with a project code, set Allow Enrollment via Code to ‘Yes’. This will reveal a unique code and QR code image that participants use in MyDataHelps to enroll. You can also use the code to set up a shared device.

If your project is not public and you do not allow enrollment via a project code, you must invite participants manually. The email entered on the invitations tab must match the email the participant used to register with MyDataHelps.

Requiring Identifier Validation

Another way to control who can enroll in your project is to use identifier validation. This requires you to assign each participant a unique identifier when you invite them. The participant will be prompted to enter that same identifier when they join to ensure they are the correct individual.

To enable identifier validation, set Requires Identifier Validation to ‘Yes’. Identifier validation may be used for public or private projects.

Other Settings

See detailed guides for other project settings, including: