User Guide

Scheduling Surveys

An important part of a project is setting up the cadence by which surveys are delivered to your participants.

Setting a Survey Schedule

When you have selected a project, you can accomplish this by going to the “Schedule Surveys” tab. You can then add multiple different schedules for delivering surveys to participants.

After creating a schedule, you can always change it by clicking on the column for the schedule.

To get started, click the “Add a Delivery Schedule” button. You will be prompted to select from one of the different schedule types:

On Enrollment

The “On Enrollment” schedule contains the surveys that are delivered to the participant immediately after they enroll in your project.

Simply select one or more surveys to deliver at this moment and click “Save” to save the schedule.

Your project can only have one “On Enrollment” schedule.

Based on Participant Events

The “Based on Participant Events” schedule allows you to schedule your surveys relative to when the participant enrolled, or relative to one of your event dates, if applicable.

To begin, select how long after the selected date you’d like to deliver the survey(s). You can also opt to repeat delivery at a certain cadence. If you opt to repeat delivery you can also specify a time period after which you’d like to stop delivery of the survey(s).

For example: Deliver a survey 3 weeks after enrollment date, repeating every 2 days, stopping 6 weeks after enrollment date.

Based on a Specific Date

You can also opt to deliver surveys to participants based on specific dates by entering the date for the delivery.

Just like “Based on Participant Events” surveys, you can specify whether you’d like to repeat the delivery and at what point the delivery should stop.

For example: Starting on Monday, Oct 2, deliver a survey every 2 weeks.