User Guide

Setting Up Data Export

RKStudio can automatically export participant survey results and sensor data from your project so you can perform detailed data analysis or archive.

Understanding Exports

RKStudio uploads exported data to its secure data storage system. You can access it through the Project Settings -> Export History screen, as described in Analyzing Data. You can optionally configure RKStudio to also upload a copy of the data to your own private Secure FTP server using SFTP.

RKStudio’s data export feature performs only incremental exports. Incremental exports contain only new data generated since the last export. For example, if you set your export interval to weekly, each export will include only data for the prior week. For this reason, we advise enabling data export before you start collecting data. Your first incremental export will include all of the data since you began collecting project data.

Data Export Settings

To set up data export:

  1. Go to the “Projects” screen and select the “Project Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Data Export.”
  3. Select your export settings, described below.
  4. Click Save to save your settings.
Setting Function Examples
Incremental Exports See “Incremental Exports” below. None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Export Format See “Data Formats” below. CSV, JSON
UTC Offset See “UTC Offset” below. 00:00 (midnight) UTC
Upload to SFTP Server See “SFTP Upload” below. Yes/No
SFTP Username See “SFTP Upload” below. rkstudio
SFTP Password See “SFTP Upload” below. pleasemakeasecurepassword
SFTP Server See “SFTP Upload” below. yourhost.com
SFTP Port See “SFTP Upload” below. 22
SFTP Directory See “SFTP Upload” below. /home/rkstudio

Incremental Exports

RKStudio will perform an incremental export at the prescribed interval. See Understanding Exports for more information about incremental exports.

If you select Weekly or Monthly as the interval, you can select which day of the week/month you want the data to be exported.

Your first incremental export will include all of the data since you began collecting project data.

Data Formats

RKStudio can export data in either Comma-Separated Value (CSV) or JSON format.

  • CSV format is easy to import into common spreadsheet applications.
  • JSON format is well-suited for programmatic analysis.

See Analyzing Data for detailed information about the data files and example data.

UTC Offset

By default, exports are performed at midnight UTC on the selected interval (daily/weekly/monthly). You can select a different time of day by changing the UTC Offset setting.

SFTP Upload

To set up SFTP upload:

  1. Check “Upload to SFTP Server.”
  2. Enter all the necessary server information, including username, password, server address, and the directory where exports should be stored. The default port number for SFTP is 22 and you should not need to change this unless your SFTP server has an unusual configuration.
  3. Click Test Upload Settings to perform a test upload to the server.
  4. Check the specified directory on your SFTP server to ensure the upload was successful.