User Guide

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to make the RKStudio experience more dynamic for your participants. You can save information from participants and then use those fields in your survey.

Creating Custom Fields

To set up a custom field for your project:

  1. Go to the “Projects” screen and select the “Project Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Custom Fields.”
  3. Give the event a name and click Add.

Click the trash icon next to a custom field to delete it. Deleting custom fields will not affect previously collected survey data.

Setting Custom Fields

There are several ways to set a custom field for a participant, so you can choose the way that works best for your project.

Setting Custom Fields in the Participant Viewer

You can manually update the participant’s field information on the participant viewer. Select a participant and then select the “Participant Info” tab.

Setting Custom Fields in Surveys

On a question step or form step, you can choose to save the participant’s answer in a custom field.

Using Custom Fields

Custom field values can be used for text substitution in survey questions. Use <% CustomField.FieldName %> in survey text to insert the value of the custom field. For example, if you had a custom field for ‘Medication1’, you can have a survey question ask the user: When was the last time you took <% CustomField.Medication1 %>?

The custom field name must exactly match the way you defined it in the project settings, including spacing and capitalization. If your field name is Medication1:

CustomField.Medication1 Correct
CustomField.medication1 Incorrect
CustomField.Medication 1 Incorrect
CustomField . Medication1 Incorrect

You cannot use custom fields to schedule survey delivery in the RKStudio website. Use custom event dates, or contact CareEvolution support to set up advanced delivery options.