User Guide


Teams allow you to control user permissions within your organization. Assign users to teams that you define, then assign permissions to each team. You can also fine-tune permissions for each study.

Setting Up a Team

To access the teams for your organization:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Organization Settings, select Teams.

RKStudio will optimize a user’s workflow based on their permissions. For example, if a user only has access to a single study, that study will be loaded automatically when they log into RKStudio.

RKStudio Permissions

Permissions in RKStudio fall into two categories: Organization Permissions and Study Permissions.

Organization Permissions

Organization permissions apply to the entire organization.

Permission Description
Organization Settings View and edit organization settings, users, and teams.
Survey Author Access the surveys screen, and view and edit all surveys in this organization.

Study Permissions

Study permissions apply to individual studies. Within a team, you can apply a permission to all studies, or only to specific ones.

Permission Description
Billing Manage billing information.
Data Export View and update data export settings, and view the export history.
Invite Participants Inviting participants to a study.
Study Builder Create and edit studies, create survey schedules, and select sensor data to collect.
View/Manage Participants View and manage enrolled participants.

Everyone Team

All organizations start with a single team named “Everyone.” This team allows you to assign permissions to all users in the organization.

To change permissions for everyone:

  1. Click the edit icon next to the “Everyone” team.
  2. Select the permissions you want everyone to have. See Managing Study-Specific Permissions below for help assigning permissions for an individual study.
  3. Click “Save” when finished.

Creating a Team

If you only want selected individuals to have certain permissions, you can remove those permissions from the “Everyone” team and create a new team instead.

To create a team:

  1. Click the “Add Team” button.
  2. Give the team a name and select the permissions you want users in that team to have. See Managing Study-Specific Permissions below for help assigning permissions for an individual study.
  3. Click “Save” when finished.

Once a team is created, you can edit that team by clicking the edit icon next to the team name. Click the delete icon to delete the team.

Managing Study-Specific Permissions

By default, Study Permissions you give to a group apply to all studies. If your organization has different groups responsible for different studies, you may wish to use restrict permissions to certain studies.

To assign study-specific permissions:

  1. Edit a team (either a custom team or the Everyone team).
  2. Under “Add Permissions for a Study”, select the study and click “Add Study.”
  3. Assign permissions for that study.
  4. Click “Save” when finished.

You can repeat this as needed to give the group permissions to as many studies as you need.

Click the delete icon next to the study’s name to remove study-specific permissions from a team.

Assigning Users to Teams

Once teams have been set up, you can add users to them using User Access.