User Guide

Shared Devices

Shared device mode allows a project coordinator to use a single device with multiple in-person participants to enroll and complete initial surveys that have been scheduled on enrollment. Commonly, shared device mode is used in clinic settings where participants may not have their mobile device accessible, such as in a sleep study clinic or in preoperative surgery. Participants can later use the MyDataHelps app on web or mobile and log in with their username/password they entered while using the shared device.

Setting Up a Shared Device

To set up MyDataHelps on a shared device:

  1. Go to the project settings and ensure that “Allow Enrollment via Code” is checked. Note the code, as you will need it in a moment.
  2. Install MyDataHelps on your shared device. Your shared device must be running iOS. Android is not supported at this time.
  3. Go to the mobile device’s Application Settings screen (“Settings -> MyDataHelps”).
  4. Enter the enrollment code.

Using the Shared Device

Once you have set up a shared device, multiple participants can enroll and complete initial surveys on the device as follows:

  1. Launch MyDataHelps on the shared device. You will be taken to the about/enrollment screen of the project configured in the application settings.
  2. Click “Join” to enroll a new participant.
  3. If you use “Participant Identifiers” in your project, the coordinator or participant will first enter this identifier. The participant will then be prompted to create an account and enroll in the project.
  4. The participant will complete any surveys that have been scheduled to be delivered on enrollment.
  5. Once the participant has completed the surveys, the coordinator should click “Sign Out” so the device is ready for the next participant.

After enrollment, the participant will receive an email verification from MyDataHelps. This serves as a reminder for them to use the MyDataHelps app on web or mobile to continue participating in the project. They will use the same username/password they entered on the shared device to sign into MyDataHelps on their own device.

Canceling Shared Device Mode

You can clear the project code from the Application Settings at any time to return MyDataHelps to its normal, single-user mode.