User Guide

Shared Devices

Some studies may use a single shared device for multiple users. Commonly this is done in clinic settings where participants may not have appropriate mobile devices of their own.

Setting Up a Shared Device

To set up MyDataHelps on a shared device:

  1. Install MyDataHelps.
  2. Go to the mobile device’s Application Settings screen (“Settings -> MyDataHelps”).
  3. Enter the study code.

The next time you launch MyDataHelps, you’ll be taken directly to the study configured in the application settings. The user will be prompted to create an account and enroll into the study.

After each participant has completed their survey tasks, they should select “Sign Out” to sign out of the app and leave it ready for the next user.

Canceling Shared Device Mode

You can clear the study code from the Application Settings at any time to return MyDataHelps to its normal, single-user mode.