User Guide

Enrolling in Projects

Once a participant has registered with MyDataHelps, they can join one or more projects.

Finding Projects

To begin, they go to the Home tab. Their current projects and invitations will appear at the top of the screen. They can also search for projects.

If allowed by the project settings, participants may also be able to join a project using a code you provide to them. They can click Scan Code and either scan a QR code image or manually enter the code to find the project.

Viewing Project Details

The participant can select the project to view more information. This is where some of the information entered on project settings and organization settings are displayed to the participant.

Joining a Project

To join the project the participant simply taps the “Join Project” button. If they have been invited to join the project but don’t want to join, they can choose to decline the invitation.

If requires identifier validation is enabled in project settings, the participant will be prompted to enter their identifier now.

The consent survey will then be displayed. The user must complete the consent survey to join the project. If they cancel out of the survey they will not be a participant.

After consent has been completed, the participant is enrolled! However, depending on which sensor data is being collected for the project, additional permissions prompts may be displayed.

Apple Health Permissions

If the project is collecting one or more data types from Apple Health, the user will receive an additional permissions prompt to approve of sharing their Apple Health Data. The user can select which data types they would like to share with the project.

Apple Location Tracking Permissions

If the project is collecting Apple Location data, the user will receive an additional permissions prompt to approve of the app tracking their location.

The user must select Always Allow in order for MyDataHelps to receive any location data.