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Create or Import Surveys

ResearchKit surveys enable researchers to gather data from participants. With RKStudio’s visual designer, you can build ResearchKit surveys to query users about their symptoms on a set schedule, or even use ResearchKit Active Tasks to collect data from their phone’s sensors.

Creating a Survey

Most projects will involve several surveys. After joining an organization, you will be prompted to create or import a survey.

RKStudio’s survey editor lets you build rich surveys. You can even leverage an existing template by importing a survey from the survey store.

To get started, this guide will show you how to create a simple survey for a hypothetical sleep project.

From the Create or Import Survey dashboard, enter a project name of “Sleep Time” and click “Add Survey.” This brings up the survey editor.

Select “Add Step” to add a new step to the survey. Our first step will just contain some introductory instructions, so we’ll use the “Instruction Step” type.

Select the “+” button next to the step preview to add a second step. This step will query for how many hours of sleep the participant got last night, so use the “Question Step” type. For the answer format, you could leave it open-ended with a “Numeric” answer, or provide a more graphical sliding scale with the “Scale (Discrete)” type.

Once you’re finished adding steps, click “Save and Publish” to publish the survey.

Testing the Survey

You can get a quick preview of the survey in a browser by clicking the “Try It Out” button while viewing any step.

For a full, realistic preview you can download and use the RKStudioReview mobile app to try out your survey.

A project can have as many surveys as you want, but one of them should be a consent survey. A consent survey is used to inform participants about what data is collected and how it will be used. The consent survey is presented to new users before they join a project, and effectively serves as a gate to accessing other surveys.

For the sample sleep project, create a new consent survey named “Sleep Consent” and give it a single informational step. Save and publish the survey when finished.

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