User Guide

Set Up a Project

A project is the vehicle that lets you invite participants, schedule delivery of surveys to them, and report data collected in the surveys. An organization can have multiple projects, and surveys can be re-used among them freely.

Create a Project

Once you’ve created a survey, the “Home” dashboard will prompt you to create a project.

Enter a project name and select “Add Project.” This will bring up the project editor.

There are a host of project options available. At minimum, you must enter the following:

  • Display Name - Enter a name that will be displayed to participants.
  • Consent Survey - Select the consent survey that informs (and optionally records consent for) how participant data will be collected and used.
  • Enable Platforms - Select which platforms the project will be available on.

Click “Save” when you’ve entered all the project information.

Schedule Surveys

From the project screen, you can schedule the delivery of surveys.

For the sample sleep project, you can set it up to deliver the sleep time survey once a week and give them five days to complete the survey. Make the start date tomorrow.

Select Sensor Data

When creating a project, you have the option of collecting passive sensor data from participants who join your projects.

For the sample sleep projects, you might be interested in collecting the participant’s Sleep Analysis and Steps data from Apple Health.

Invite Participants

Finally, the projects screen allows you to manage participants in the project. You can issue invitations, see which invitations have been accepted, and view a summary of project participation.

To get started, you can invite yourself to the sample sleep project. Select “Invite Participants” from the project screen enter a single column of Comma-Separated Values (CSV) data containing your own email, as shown:


Click “Preview and Send Invitations” to review and accept the list. You should receive an email inviting you to join the project.

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