User Guide

Analyzing Data

With RKStudio, you can download and analyze the participant survey results and sensor data for your project.

Setting Up Data Export

See Setting Up Data Export for more information about setting up data export for your project.

Downloading Data Files

To download your exported files:

  1. Go to the “Projects” screen and select the “Project Settings” tab.
  2. Select “Export History.”
  3. Select the desired export date.
  4. Click the download icon.

Analyzing Data Files

After exporting data from RKStudio, you will have a number of data files in either Comma-Separated Value (CSV) or JSON formats, depending on your project’s data export settings. Each file contains data from a single project.

The following topics give detailed information and examples for the contents of each data file.

Updates to Data File Contents

As new fields are added to RKStudio or to the sensor data services, those fields may be added to the data export files as well.