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Launch a Mobile-Enabled Research Study in Hours

RKStudio allows you to create and deliver surveys, collect sensor data, and retrieve EMR data from your participants — with no programming or software development expertise required.

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Help Topics

Get started quickly with RKStudio.
Create surveys via the WYSIWYG survey designer, set up a schedule for survey delivery, and select which types of sensor data to collect.
Build research studies that participants can join via the MyDataHelps mobile app.
Create a home for your research organization’s surveys and studies.
Learn how participants use the MyDataHelps mobile app to join studies.
Download study data to perform more in-depth analysis.

Your Data Is in Good Hands

RKStudio is built on top of the CareEvolution HIEBus platform, which has been securely handling protected health information (PHI) for over 15 years for hospitals, insurance companies, and other organizations. HIEBus is HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use Certified. Role-based access control ensures that participant data is only exposed to individuals with the appropriate permissions.